Great theatre that inspires change

Theatre is a vital part of a healthy, growing society. Sharing stories helps us to grow, learn and connect. Since 2014, we have worked to create accessible, sustainable theatre that reflects the experience of our people.

We value creativity, accessibility, sustainability, inclusion and kindness.

Wit Incorporated Inc is a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) so any donation over $2 is tax-deductible. Your financial contribution makes our artistic contribution possible. 

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Artist Development and Inclusion 

Cultural privilege has a massive impact on an artist’s ability to pursue their career. Lack of connections, experience and access to training are major barriers to diverse, inclusive stories being told. 

Wit Incorporated is a development ground for emerging artists. Each season offers emerging theatre-makers opportunity for collaborative mentorship and experience they might not otherwise have had. 

Your support helps us create opportunities for artists who might not otherwise have them. 


Audience Access 

We want everyone to be able to enjoy theatre, so we work to make every season accessible. We include Auslan-interpreted and relaxed performances in every season. We ensure our venues are welcoming and accessible for wheelchair users. We provide large-print materials at every show. We want to expand this in future to include audio-transcription for people with visual impairment. 

Your contribution will help us make sure everyone can enjoy the theatre. 


Children’s Outreach (Wit Kids)

Drama is a fantastic creative opportunity for children, building literacy, concentration, communication skills, social networks, emotional intelligence and more. Wit Kids offers affordable after-school drama classes for primary-aged children. We keep fees to only $40/term, so as many children as possible can access this life-changing program. 

Your support helps us make sure no child misses out on the benefits (and fun) of drama class.


New Works

In every year of our existence, the artists of Wit Incorporated have brough at least one new work to life. Writers who work with Wit Incorporated benefit from an extended period of development and rehearsal, to help bring their vision to life. We are thrilled that writers from past seasons are now published playwrights, award-recipients, artistic fellowes and recognised masters in their field.

Your contribution will help us create opportunities for Australian stories to be seen on stage.



Our next goal is to bring the theatre you love to audiences around Australia and beyond. Our fledgeling touring program will let us share our unique brand of storytelling with the world, and help us to build financial security as we find new markets and audiences.

Your support will bring our stories to stages we’ve only dreamed of.


Build a Home

While we stretch our legs and seek out audiences from farther afield, we are also committed to continuing our work making theatre for Melbourne’s inner-west. But we need a home. We have a plan for how to create a space from which we can operate a theatre, rehearse, run classes and welcome you in to share our work. The only thing standing in our way is money.

Your support will help us build a home. (Then we’ll invite you over for a cuppa.)

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