Five things to know about Sundays at the Church

Ever wondered what we get up to on Sunday? Well, wonder no more! Allow me to take you inside a typical actors’ meet at Bluestone Church Arts Space with my Five Things.

1. Warm Up With Tea


Every week we begin the night with a lovely cup of tea. This is essential. Once tea has been achieved we are ready to start with some physical and vocal warm ups. Taking a different exercise from each person makes for a comprehensive vocal warming; learning methods, the warm ups never become dull. Now we can LEVEL UP!

2. Knock Knock, Who’s There?

Actors make up the majority of our groups, but we also welcome writers and directors who wish to work on scripts. These evenings can include: reading aloud plays together, reading aloud new Film/Theatre scripts that writers bring in to hear for the first time, rehearsing scenes individuals are working on and discussions about any of the work. It’s wonderful to be in an environment where you feel totally safe and supported to be brave, take risks, fail and try again.

3. What Gets Me There?

Apart from feet, wheels or a train (Footscray Station!), it’s the inspiration from the wonderful tutors I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in action. Watching Larry Moss and Howard Fine work with actors in their respective Masterclasses gives me renewed gusto returning to work. Working with Alexander coach Penny Mcdonald and voice coach Jennifer Innes, I find myself back on the right track (if I’ve strayed from the path) and ready to dig deeper. So far, to Sundays, I’ve brought along a play I’ve written for children, a scene I’ve been working at and a play I’ve wanted to read aloud. The collaborative environment has been highly beneficial for each of these things. It has helped me edit, time and inspired my writing. I’ve been challenged, supported and excited in my acting. And reading plays? Well, it’s so gosh darned fun!

4. Why Do Sundays?

Coming along to Sundays each week has motivated me to work harder. Knowing that I’m going to work on my scene with a group of actors (who may have seen where I was at last week) gets me off my butt and working at home, so that I’ll be ready to take the scene further the next week.

I'm hugely grateful to the brilliant artists that have shared their work so far and I can’t wait to see who and what’s around the corner!

5. Come Along!


Sundays at the Church is on every week (aside from the occasional week off), check out our Facebook event page for updates. It’s a great place to come when you can’t afford classes. Or when you're in classes and you need to practice.

Or just to meet with other actors and create and socialise! What are you waiting for?

See you there.

x Bel

(All images used under CC BY-2.0)