Alexander for Actors: a very special Sundays at the Church

After the success of our Performance Endurance Training session a few weeks ago, we're thrilled to welcome two more guest teachers for a pair of special Sundays at the Church events.

Over two Sundays in May, join us for Alexander Technique for Actors.

Alexander for Actors

It's a pair of workshops designed to give a closer perspective and understanding of what the Technique is and how it can be applied to support theatre performance, where the body (movement/action) has an intimate relationship with the mind (thoughts/intention).

The class is run by Leo Canales and Jana Boronova, two Alexander Technique practitioners who we are thrilled to have with us.

Pay what you can

As always, it's a pay-what-you-can system. So you can just come along, enjoy two hours of Alexander Technique tailored to the needs of the actor, then drop your spare change into the jar. $5, $10, or whatever's at the bottom of your bag is fine.

You're also invited to stay after the Alexander Technique session has finished, to work on any scenes or monologues you might be preparing.

Book a spot

To book a place, just send your name and phone number to

6.00pm for 6.30pm start, Sunday 1 and Sunday 22 May

Bluestone Church Arts Space
10A Hyde Street, Footscray
Close to Footscray Train Station, with plenty of parking behind the building.

See you on Sunday!

Get your spine together.  Image via Flickr . Used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Get your spine together. Image via Flickr. Used under CC BY-SA 2.0

Here's what Leo and Jana want you to know before you come along:

Alexander Technique for Actors is a series of two workshops designed to give a closer perspective and understanding of what the Technique is and how it can be applied to support theatre performance, where the body (movement/action) has an intimate relationship with the mind (thoughts/intention).

The Technique provides us with “means whereby” so you can facilitate your desired activity as a theatre student or an actor.

This is an invitation to clarify intentions, refresh decisions and explore new ways of doing your performative tasks.

Each participant needs:

  • Comfortable clothes
  • A piece of text or a song
  • Constant curiosity
  • Freedom and flexibility (of spirit)
  • Time

The Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander was an Australian actor who started having vocal problems during his performances. As no treatment seemed to solve his problem, he decided to initiate an investigation into the use of his vocal mechanism which led him to create the Technique.

AT makes us aware of unhelpful habits and preconceived ideas we might have around acting and helps us to get rid of and/or refresh them. It gives us the clarity to establish WHAT we WANT to do and HOW we are going to do it. It helps us to understand HOW we do WHAT we are doing.

AT offers the opportunity to evaluate what is happening during the performance and teaches us how to improve it. It is an invaluable tool for every professional or aspiring actor as well as for any acting teacher.

Topics included in the workshop

  • Optimal coordination in activity
  • Tensegrity: the organism as a unity
  • Familiar v/s unusual
  • End-gaining or going directly for an end
  • Sharpening our observation skills
  • Preventing automatic responses which restrict spontaneity
  • Using our thinking to create constructive change


Leo Canales

Originally from Chile and based in Melbourne from 2013 and since April 2014 I am a student at The School for F.M.Alexander Studies, directed by David Moore.

What brought me into the technique was theatre. I completed the Acting program on the Universidad de Chile, where the method of learning was predominantly practical. I started soon in the teaching field meanwhile I kept a constant artistic development through performing and directing.

I found this book called “The Use of the Self” of F.M. Alexander, that showed me a new, hygienic and preventive way of learning how to perform. I researched for schools and teachers, and I found The School for F.M. Alexander Studies, got in contact with the director David Moore that run a workshop for my students which was the moment of decision of taking the challenge to come to Australia and start my studies.

At the moment, my interest is the application of the Alexander Technique into the theatre field.

Jana Boronova

Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, I moved to Melbourne in 2013 to train to become an Alexander Technique teacher. I graduated from the Melbourne School for F. M. Alexander Studies in December 2015. I was fascinated to discover how the Technique changed my approach to skiing, yoga, swimming and cycling, to name a few of my favourite activities.

It is not only physical activities in my life that have been enriched by the Alexander Technique. It stimulates my curiosity and makes me want to learn new things. It encourages me to explore that which I would never have even dreamed about. It gives me tools to deal with all that the life throws at me. Thanks to the Technique I have found a new direction in my life.

While in Melbourne, I have been looking after and working with elderly and disabled people, an area where I see the Technique being an invaluable and effective aid.