This Sunday: Alexander Technique for Actors for FREE!

6 pm for 6.30 pm, Bluestone Church Arts Space - 8a Hyde St, Footscray.

The divine Leonardo Canales is with us this Sunday for some Alexander Technique goodness.

Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

Photo by Mahrael Boutros from Pexels

For actors, performers and creatives of any discipline.

Alexander Technique teaches how to use the entire body and mind consciously to prevent unnecessary muscular effort and tension, while allowing expansion and lengthening of the total muscular system.

In this Alexander Technique session for Actors, you'll learn to stay present with your surroundings while being aware of yourself. This in turn allows an ease of movement and voice - both really important things for actors and performers.

It's freedom and efficiency of movement - mental, physical, spiritual.

Wear clothes you can move in and bring a water bottle. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

From Leo…

As long as you have this physical tenseness you cannot even think about delicate shadings of feeling or the spiritual life of your part. Consequently, before you attempt to create anything it is necessary for you to get your muscles in proper condition so that they do not impede your actions.
— Constantine Stanislavsky, An Actor Prepares

Come and enjoy being expansively creative with the whole of you. In this Alexander Technique session for Actors you will be invited to stay present as you develop your proprioception the same as your kinaesthetic sense.

The hallmark of this 're-education in activity’ experience, is improved freedom and efficiency of movement - mentally, physically, spiritually. This is particularly important for the full expression of the actor’s craft and connection with the audience. The Technique teaches conscious awareness of use and functioning of the entire organism by preventing unnecessary muscular effort and tension and also by allowing the expansion and lengthening of the total muscular system.

Some principles of the Technique that can be useful for performing artists:

The Principle of Unity invites us to think that there’s no such a thing as the body and the mind, “Nature does not work in parts; she treats everything as a whole” FM Alexander

‘Direction’ is an illustration of continuous integration of layers to any experience what it’s called a Unified Field of Attention in the Alexander realm

‘Use affect Functioning’ request proper use of the body otherwise it becomes prone to injury.

‘Erroneous Preconceived Ideas’ talks by itself. Incorrect notions are embodied in habitual and unconscious patterns of tension and collapse.

Alexander Technique: Imagine a toolkit full of gadgets ready to be used anytime. 

The Alexander Technique is an educational method that generates and refines awareness in the dynamic functioning of the body. The Technique was developed by the 20th century Australian actor and orator, F M Alexander, and is currently taught in Performing Arts institutions around the globe.


Leonardo Canales. AT Teacher. AUSTAT Member.

Graduated from the School for F.M. Alexander Studies, his background in Theatre brought him into the Alexander Technique in 2014 from Chile. Leonardo has extensive experience working with a large number of people across many art forms in finding ease of motion. Leonardo has been professionally trained as an actor and subsequently studied Vocal Performance and Choreographic Theatre with Pantheatre School in Paris and Contemporary Dance in the Laban Centre in London. His lessons incorporate dynamic elements from Theatre and the scientific point of view of the Technique.