Living on the Fringes

Once again, here is our pick of the Fringe for this year.

Please note: our picks are based entirely on what we and our artists are doing. You should probably still check out the Fringe guide to find things that will make your heart sing.


Fringe Westside

Bluestone Church Arts Space

Once again, we’re back at Venue Manager at Bluestone Church Arts Space for Maribyrnong City Council.

We’re serving Jen Pfeiffer’s incredible Rock It Like a Redhead wines , delicious beers from Two Birds Brewing, and all the hot-buttered popcorn you can handle.


Dandelion Wine and La La Ville

A Night Traversing Earth and Stars


World renowned ethereal electro-medieval trio Dandelion Wine reinterpret their work, with the help of Yarraville based choir La La Ville and the sublime puppetry of Keira Lyons and Justine Warner.

Dandelion Wine will be reaching back through their extensive back catalogue as well as previewing songs from their forthcoming album "Le Cœur" - in a one-off opportunity to experience their trademark tapestry of medieval instruments and electronic beats, interwoven with the splendour of a choir in the beautiful surrounds of the historic Bluestone Church Arts Space.

The puppetry by Keira Lyons and Justine Warner is worth the price of admission.


The Travelling Light Project

The World in a Suitcase

Intimate, interactive, object theatre on a global scale.


The Travelling Light Project began in 2016, with the aim of gathering 196 objects, one from every country on earth and squeeze them all inside an old suitcase, to create a travelling piece of object theatre. To date there are over 100 objects including physical objects, photos, music, videos and sound recordings inside the suitcase. These have been sent from more than 100 people in 100 different countries especially for this project.

At Melbourne Fringe, The Travelling Light Project presents...

The World in a Suitcase - an intimate, interactive object theatre performance on a global scale! Through object manipulation, puppetry, clowning, music and interactive projections the weird and wonderful objects are brought to life by a lone traveller who seems to have lost her way...

This work is about crossing borders and connecting people and places. It explores the possibilities of modern communication and celebrates global citizenship. It is a journey around the world from the inside of a suitcase, why don’t you come along?

The show has been created to be accessible to a multilingual and multicultural audience of all ages.

Warning: Contains some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction

Theatre with no spoken word at all? Sign us up.




COME WITH US NOW ON A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME AND SPACE, to the Anthropocene. The era of significant human interference with the earth and its environment: The era we currently live in. This phantasmagoric journey follows the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, imagined as a family of giant puppets. All the food has been eaten, all the rivers have dried up. Who will look after War once Famine and Pestilence have passed away? It will be up to Death, Death, and hungry rats.

All profits raised donated to Support for Djap Wurrung Embassy

Warning: Contains strobe lighting, both sudden and sustained loud noises, some infrequent/low pressure audience interaction, potentially triggering content or themes, including Death,War

It’s a giant puppet family bringing you the end of days.


So, what are the others doing?

Here’s a few things that the crew from “How I Met My Dead Husband” are working on.


Our bloody delightful sound and lighting operator, Jack Wilkinson is all about the dance…


Madeline Pratt


'Moments' is an original dance and physical theatre piece that visits and explores significant moments we experience throughout our lives and how they affect us.

Initially developed in 2017 and with a successful extended season at Gasworks March 2019, Moments blends dance, physical theatre, music and voice. The cast of nine performers, led by choreographer Madeline Pratt, utilise their talents along this sensory journey to warm your heart, while making you laugh, cry and think.

Warning: Contains potentially triggering content or themes, including Sexual Harassment,Sexual References,Death,Mental Health


Our transcendent Stage Manager, Henry is spending Fringe with Beautiful Girls.


Beautiful Girls

A new play by Holland Brooks

What would you be willing to do in order to live your wildest dreams?

Ariel is a driven young model with dreams of fame and fortune. Patsy is a naïve amateur on her first shoot. Lewis, the photographer, will go to any lengths to ensure he perfectly captures the image in his mind.

At a photoshoot for what Ariel and Patsy are told is for one of America’s biggest fashion magazines, it quickly becomes clear that making it in the modeling industry has so little to do with just how you look.


Okay, it’s not Fringe, but our Front of House Manager Fee is part of it, so you’d best know about it anyway…


The Beautiful Game

Set in Northern Ireland in the troubled 1970s, The Beautiful Game tells the story of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. The story is centered on a local football (soccer) team, who attempt to overcome the emerging political and religious violence that has engulfed their community.

Ben Elton’s book is told with humour and compassion, while his lyrics are both funny and heartbreaking. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s evocative score combines heart-searing ballads and stirring anthems with the sounds of Ireland.

Get your photos done right!

Jack Dixon-Gunn and Sarah Clarke, our two extraordinary photographers on How I Met My Dead Husband, both have some pretty special promo packages on right now.

Jack will take your production photos

Stand out at Fringe this year with some butt-kicking production shots. Prices are a flat $150 per show, or $200 for a next day turnaround. Guaranteed minimum of 40 high-res photos, both in colour and black and white. Get in touch over Instagram ( or via and he’ll make some magic happen with you.

Sare will sort out your headshots

Sarah is offering a one-day only headshot special on Friday 27 September.

$150 for a 45-minute shoot in the CBD, up to 3 outfit changes and 2 x retouched images of your choice! Email to book your time and for more details!