Media Release: wit incorporated Launches Season 2016

wit incorporated has confirmed their commitment to story before spectacle with the announcement of their 2016 season.

The announcement includes three full-scale productions and two play readings, including four new Australian works and a Shakespearean favourite, all presented at the iconic Bluestone Church Arts Space in Footscray.

“It’s always been important to us that the theatre we create is accessible and sustainable,” says Artistic Director, Belinda Campbell. “We want people of all backgrounds, ages and education to be able to come along to a live performance and see themselves reflected in the action onstage.

The season opens with the world premiere of Couch Potato, from award-winning playwright Hayley Lawson-Smith. Campbell will direct the comedy about how one small break-in saved a family. Following on from this is Fairy Tale News, an all-ages show that presents the news, by fairy tales, for fairy tales, directed by Matthew Dorning. The final main-stage production is Shakespeare’s iconic tale of greed, deception and death; Macbeth. Jennifer Innes, who directed 2015’s reading of Andy Harmsen’s Foreign Bodies, will return to direct this masterpiece of mayhem.

Rounding out the year are two play readings. A Scandal in the Weimar is a new comedy created by Jennifer Piper and Claire Bowen, that places Lady Sherlock Holmes and Dr Jean Watson in London and Berlin in 1939. The Doll Hospital is the latest offering from award-winning playwright Nathaniel Moncreiff, directed by Jennifer Piper. The drama takes place in post-war London, and will keep audiences guessing right up until the final moment.

“Our theme, if we have one,” says Campbell, “is no frills.”

She says that’s what wit incorporated is all about. “The most important thing to us is telling the story, the best way we can do this is through the work we do as actors," she says. "We don't ignore spectacular sets with revolves and trap doors, high-tech, perfectly-lit stages and fabulous costumes for their artistic spectacle, but we feel sometimes the theatre scene forgets the basics of heart-felt story telling."

“The spark between two people, a deception, relationships failing and resurrecting, the need for love, the search for understanding, that connection to another human being that we try for every day. Bringing these to the stage is why theatre is important in our society,” Campbell says.

“Not for us to look and say, ‘How does that set piece move on it’s own?’ but to look and say, ‘Oh, that’s me.’ ‘That’s my father.’ ‘That could be us.’ ‘This could happen to me.’”

Full details of all seasons below.

Main Stage Seasons

Couch Potato

12–28 February 2016

This is the story of how one small break-in saved a family.

Robert is content. Perhaps he's not happy, but he’s content. Nothing in his home has shifted since his mother died. Anything that shifts is put back by his sister, Lisa. She'd like him to find love. His mate Lorrie would like him to get laid. Nobody's really sure what The Girl wants, because nobody's ever seen her awake. She makes dinner, cleans the house, buys a few things. It's easier for Robert to not ask too many questions.

Written by Hayley Lawson-Smith
Directed by Belinda Campbell

Fairy Tale News

3–9 April 2016

It's six o'clock and time for tonight's edition of Fairy Tale News. Current affairs and news program: by Fairy Tales, for Fairy Tales (and children). Join Hansel and Gretel, our FTN anchors, and a cast of family favourites including Prime Minister Humpty Dumpty and Pinocchio the weather reporter, as they follow the story of the missing basket and keep you up to date with all the latest magical news.

Suitable for all ages. Adults at children’s prices.

Written by Belinda Campbell
Music by Belinda Campbell and Kate Allnutt
Directed by Matthew Dorning


12–28 August 2016

Ambition, betrayal, love, greed and blood.

A prophecy from a trio of witches foretells Macbeth will one day be King. Consumed by ambition and goaded by his wife, Macbeth murders King Duncan and takes the throne. The tyrannical reign that follows, filled with guilt and paranoia, results in a bloodbath and civil war, as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth fall deeper into the realms of madness and death.

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Jennifer Innes

Play Readings

A Scandal in the Weimar

24 June 2016

It's London, 1939. Tensions are building as war seems imminent. Lady Sherlock Holmes and her companion Dr Jean Watson are engaged by Lady Diana Mosley to track down Irene Adler in Berlin and retrieve sensitive information. Jessica and Unity Mitford are working in Berlin on assignment for MI6, as part of Operation Adler. As the sisters go head-to-head, Sherlock uncovers the truth.

Created by Jennifer Piper and Claire Bowen
Written by Claire Bowen
Contributors: Jennifer Piper and Helena Worth

The Doll Hospital

25 November 2016

It’s 1947 in North Kensington and Rose and Archie, haunted by their past, are making some changes. They’re selling up their big house and they’ll open a shop to repair dolls. John promises to be the escape from their house and the past that they’ve been hoping for.

Includes adult themes and staged violence.

Written by Nathaniel Moncrieff
Directed by Jennifer Piper


wit incorporated has announced a subscription package, for the first time ever.

Take Five

Ticket buyers can choose to subscribe to all three main stage season, and both play readings, and save $26 Full, $24 Concession.

Three, Please

When ticket buyers choose to subscribe to all three main stage season, they save $20 Full, $16 Concession.