Subscriber Benefits

Here's a few reasons why we think subscriptions are great.

Why do you think they're great?

1. Pay less. Save more than 20%

When you choose a Take Five subscription package, you save $26 full and $24 concession, which is more than 20% off the price of individual tickets. What a saving!

2. Free ticket exchange

You choose your preferred dates when you purchase the subscription package, but you can change those dates as many times as you like (subject to availability, of course). That means a no-risk purchase.

3. Free drinks and discounts

Every time to come to one of the shows in your subscription package, your first drink is on us! That means a delicious glass of red, white or sparkling wine from Jen Pfeiffer Rock it Like a Redhead. You’ll also get every other glass of wine for $5 (usually $6)!

4. Exclusive behind-the-scenes events

Throughout the year, we'll invite you come along and have a sneak-peek at our main stage seasons, before they even preview. You’ll get to sit in on a rehearsal, meet the wits, see behind the scenes and generally have a fun time.

5. Best seats in the house

When you subscribe, you can let us know where you'd prefer to sit for each show. Then we'll keep those seats reserved for you. Regular tickets are all unreserved, so it's the best way to make sure you have the best seats in the house.