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How I Met My Dead Husband (Bluestone Church Arts Space)

  • Bluestone Church Arts Space 8A Hyde Street Footscray, VIC, 3011 Australia (map)
A love story that transcends time and lives, woven via song and witty swept away by Chuen-Jiau’s captivating story.
— Tay Around Town

When a determined woman chases true love, even Buddha can't stop her.

Chuen-Jiau stands before family, friends and loved ones to give a eulogy for her husband Yueh.

Nobody expects a story spanning four entire lifetimes. But that’s love, isn’t it?

A sweet and funny cabaret funeral that'll take you on a reincarnating journey of love, confusion and hope.

If this is love, be brave to stay before you turn and hide.
(Perhaps Love)

A stunning combination of surreal beauty and earthy reality, How I Met My Dead Husband is a top rate cabaret and shouldn’t be missed.
— What Did She Think?

Writer/Performer: Lansy Feng
Director: Belinda Campbell

Lighting Designer: Jennifer Piper
Set Designer: Abbey Stanway
Costume Designer: Georgina Hanley
Production Manager: Eleanor Boydell
Stage Manager: Henry O'Brien
FOH Manager: Fiona DiBerardino
Accompanists: Simone Cremona and Lauren Kaye
Operators: Jack Wilkinson and Jennifer Piper
Graphic Designer: Jennifer Piper
Photographers: Jack Dixon-Gunn and Sarah Clarke

Produced by wit incorporated

Lansy Feng is a treasure. From the opening moments of the show, you fall in love with her whimsical humour and beautiful voice.
— Weekend Notes

Performed in English, with songs in English, French and Mandarin.

Contains occasional coarse language and mention of suicide and death.

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

23 August to 7 September 2019

Preview Thursday 22 August
Auslan-interpreted show Thursday 5 September
Relaxed performance Sunday 1 September

8pm Thursday to Saturday, 3pm Sunday



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The Writer

Lansy Feng

Lansy is an actor, writer, story-telling singer, and theatre-maker. She graduated from National Theatre Drama School in 2016 and Howard Fine Acting Studio’s Full Time Program in 2017. 

In 2018, she created the one-woman cabaret “How I Met My Dead Husband” and performed it at The Butterfly Club and again at Gasworks Arts Park as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival. The same year she performed in several productions including musicals “On My Way” (Western Arts Theatre) and “Fanciful Imaginings” (Musicworx), theatre production “Ophelia Thinks Harder” (Wit Incorporated) and short film “Origin”. She has worked with Two Door Pictures and Talk EZ for web-ads, and Flying Art Films for music video. 

In 2019, she co-produced and performed in “Westerly” at The Butterfly Club. 

Lansy has performed across Taiwan as a percussionist with Phonon Music. She also designed and created a mosaic mural for Goodstart Minifie Park Early Learning Centre. 

Lansy joined Wit Incorporated as a Company Member and Secretary in 2018, and is thrilled to be presenting a new development of “How I Met My Dead Husband.”

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Photo: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Photo: Jack Dixon-Gunn

The Director

Belinda Campbell

Belinda is an actor, writer, director and drama teacher. Trained at National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art (NASDA) in Christchurch, New Zealand. Her studies have included: extensive training in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London, the Alexander Technique, screen acting, singing and dance.

In 2014 she co-founded wit incorporated, based in Melbourne's inner west. She remains our Artistic Director and, as well as performing and directing in the company, runs our children's drama program, Wit Kids.

For wit incorporated, she has directed Couch Potato, A Scandal in the Weimar and Ophelia Thinks Harder.

Her writing has been performed in Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival. Her plays Fairy Tale News and A Hero’s Guide to Saving the Planet have since been published by Australian Plays.

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

From the Director

The Search for love.

Theatre teaches us a lot about human nature. To work a scene we need to uncover our character’s wants. What drives them? What is the one thing they long for? Most of the time it comes down to just three words; “to be loved”. Because that’s what we’re all searching for in life. Love. 

Often we think of this quest for love as being for that perfect someone. But isn’t the most important search for self love? For some of us, this rocky internal journey proves that love of self is the hardest love to find. 

Focusing on the personal growth of Chuen-Jiau and journey to self love became an important part of the show’s development. While Chuen-Jiau’s loyal, pure and steadfast love for Yueh is beautiful, its when she learns to turn her attention to what’s right in front of her - the love of her family and friends, and to love herself and her life as it is (with or without Yueh), only then does she find happiness. Because finding “Mr Right” isn’t going to make your life worth living.  Sure, it might be nice, but they’re not your reason for living. You are. 

It’s been an honour to work with such a dedicated writer and performer, who’s  continued bravery and vulnerability in the rehearsal room and on stage has proven she’s a performer of world class calibre. Her openness to rework scenes and try new things throughout the process has been inspiring. Whether it be in future reincarnations of How I Met My Dead Husband or another project, Lansy Feng is a performer to watch out for. 

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

The Artists

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: Jack Dixon-Gunn

The Company

Wit Incorporated was formed in 2014 by Company Manager Jennifer Piper and Artistic Director Belinda Campbell, and has enjoyed artistic and creative residencies at Bluestone Church Arts Space since 2016.

Known for creating great theatre, that inspires change, Wit Incorporated is particularly committed to representation and access, regardless of gender, sexuality, cultural or linguistic background and disability. In 2019, the team declared a commitment to safe working environments, including mental health, cultural awareness and physical safety.

The company is a proud member of Theatre Network Australia and the operational team are all proud members of Equity, the actor’s union.

Wit Incorporated performs only at wheelchair-accessible spaces. Every full-length season includes Auslan interpreted shows and relaxed performances, and are stim-and tic-friendly.

The current management team is Belinda Campbell, Jennifer Piper and Lansy Feng.

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: J

Lansy Feng as Chuen-Jiau. Image: J

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